EhrenKlub #7 mit Caravel, Lessss, Lolsnake

Sam 26.11.22


◉ EhrenKlub - Genre-Bending meets Diversity.

The Hard Ones:



* Edna

* Isabelle Beaucamp

The Trancy Ones:



◉ Sound by:VOIDAcoustics

◉ Presale Phases:

◉ Early Bird: 15€ + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr

◉ Phase 1: 18€ + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr

◉ Phase 2: 20€ + VVK * Kein Mindestverzehr


To assure the party a safe space for everyone the participation of all is required. Be aware of your own boundaries and respect the boundaries of others!

If you are affected by discrimination, feeling the line being crossed or you can't deal with a situation, turn to the ones around you or to the Awareness Team. We will have 2 mobile teams who you can identify by the red lights.

The Awareness Team can support you in conflicts, has a sympathetic ear and helps you to find a solution.

Stay safe!

Solltet ihr sexistisches, nationalistisches oder diskriminierendes Gedankengut in jedweder Form in euch tragen, so bitten wir euch, von unserem Rave fernzubleiben. Der Schutz von diskriminierungsfreien Räumen - dazu gehört auch unsere Veranstaltung - hat für uns oberste Priorität.