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Open Air: Wadada Records & Friends

Sam 22.09.18



Wun Two
Introducing: WYL
PB Louison & Twit One
OJ Paddington

pre-sale online: 10 € (+ 1,45 € Gebühren)

pre-sale: 10 € (+ 1 € Gebühren) at dedicated, Groove Attack Recordstore & Topic Drift Recordstore.

box-office: 14 €

we invite you to our label fest. under the open sky, bands and producers present the wide range of local beat-music, with influences from jazz, soul and hip-hop. Twit One and spoken-word artist PB Louison will kick off with tracks from their album "Leatherback". then we´ll lean back to Wun Two on his SP404. his instrumental hip-hop guarantees mellow vibes and has brought us beat heads to a new age of Lo-Fi. also on board is Bluestaeb, who combines warm samples, synthesizer melodies and intricate drums in his neo-soul sound. on top there is the label-showcase with Relaén and WYL. Relaén stands to date like no other for the sound of Wadada. their timeless classic "Twines" effortlessly managed the balance between live jazz and hip-hop. WYL celebrating their premiere here. the three-member band plays their first gig and has also their first release with them.n addition to music, friends of the label present their work. THE GOOD FOOD delivers regional food, the dedicated-Store accompanies the program with live graffiti and befriended artists exhibit their works.

Odonien, Hornstraße 85, 50823 Köln

open: 15:00

art, market, food & drinks.


OJ Paddington & Mr.Tom {vinyl} 15:00
coolin' the space with some wax:

PBLouison & Twit One {microphone & mpc500} 16:00
bringing their leatherback for some cool-bap and brainfood:

Wun Two {sp404} 17:00
flying through our neighborhood in hyperspeed. we name it the original soundtrack for our favorite coffee shop:

WYL {drums, bass, synth & saxophone} 18:00
we are proud to introduce to you a new band on our open air. it´s timeless instrumental music. join the beginning of that journey. {drums, bass, synth & saxophone}

exclusive release and first sale on this event:
"Introducing: WYL" (Tape limited on 100 numbered copies.)

Bluestaeb {keys & ableton push) 19:00
„everything is always a process“ and blue bringing (t)his elegant live instrumentation on our stage:

Relaén {keys, synth, drums, bass & saxophone} 20:00
smooth, deep, beat-enriched music project. one and only concert for 2018:

end: 22:00